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2 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Hmm, first question – how do you have so much time on your hands??? Or is it a question of too much energy for a man of your age? ha-ha. Like it; very curious about your market and the need – I am not inferring ANY knowledge whatsoever here, just interested/ing. Of anyone, I would suggest you.

  2. I built this site over the course of two nights, with a lot of input from my biz partner and wifey, Teri. I have also enlisted the help of a number of friends whose opinions I value and rely upon for many endeavors.

    Energy? No, more like Teri got tired of me talking about it and made me do something about it.

    Market: In a small city of nearly 70,000 people, Lynchburg is littered with artists and entrepreneurs, job-hunting students from four area colleges, and businesses cutting costs by outsourcing “tangential” production like PR and copywriting, this is a business model well-suited to the local community, but that is also highly adaptable.

    Working in higher education, and serving in numerous service roles in the community, I am astounded by how frequently people are seeking help with resumes, cover letters, websites, learning how to navigate the tsunami of streaming information we encounter. I can help in these areas, and a number of others.

    One final note about demand for such services: this is also a way for me to start calculating the value I bring to my earliest clients (FAMILY) and what my work is worth to them. I have not charged them, and yet they paid me.

    Are there others? Others who need a better-written resume, coaching on getting the next promotion, or communication strategies designed for their small business? I am betting there are.

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