Kudos to McCain

I am really excited about the race to the White House.  I think John McCain showed tremendous courage and savvy when he chose Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate.  The presidential race just got 1,000 times more historic and interesting, as we now guarantee either the White House’s first African-American president, or first female vice president.

I will have more to say after reading up on McCain’s Veep choice.  Right now, I am giving him extremely high marks for being a renegade!


5 responses to “Kudos to McCain

  1. A winning ticket for America.

  2. Harddriller, what are your thoughts on the tide of criticism that McCain is simply pandering to the female vote? I am a bit surprised to hear that. She’s not a Washington insider, she’s a “proper” conservative from what I can tell, and everything she says will be new to most of America, since few know who she is.

    I see her youth as a benefit, also. Thanks for the comment.

  3. dianalschumacher

    Matt… i totally agree…i register as an independent and have to say that as a country i think we’ve come so far!!!! Having an african american son in law and two bi-racial g’children (and hopefully more to come!!!!) haha… i am watching very closely on the impact either candidate will have on their futures as well as our own… i’m proud that either way we’ve grown beyond so many stero-types and so many prejudices. As one woman who has gone beyond the “glass ceiling” i am thankful for that type of growth!

    And lastly…
    Thank you for the class you show in expressing your views and opinions…i’ve been sorely disappointed in much of what i’ve read and seen from both side’s supporters… ughhh… can’t wait for December!!!! 🙂


  4. I appreciate that you have an open mind about McCain’s choice. However, as a woman, I was absolutely insulted by McCain’s selection as VP. His selection was purely political and that is a shame. Our country deserves the best person for the job. Not the best black or white person…not the best male or female. The best person regardless of any of those factors. And, it is my belief that this “political” decision was made to “one-up” the history that will take place on the Democratic ticket when Obama wins the race in November.

    Take a moment and review Palin’s interview with Charlie. It is unfortunate that someone such as myself who watches SpongeBob and Andy Griffith a lot of the time knows more about Foreign Policy than a potential VP of our country.

  5. Since the Republican National Convention, my concern about Palin has grown and I would say I am alarmed by her approach. I was looking for balance and feel I got someone who appeals only to the most radical Right partisans.

    Without going into lots of detail, I feel better about my position, however, having begun with a balanced and open mind about the Republican ticket. She scares me more than McCain, and I have to believe few Hillary-philes would be comfortable with such extreme, conservative views Palin has defended.

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