Creativity begets patience; or patience begets creativity?

With a few days away from the office staring me in the eyes, I felt a sudden release of creative energy.  It occurred to me that the creative forces had been dormant for some time, as I needed to rely more on my tactical and organizational skills to begin execution of some new management duties at work.

It occurred to me that focusing too strictly on execution, completion, and accountability, in my case, pushes out the creative energy; and yet it was that very creative capacity that made me capable of corraling all the new things I needed to learn, solve, and understand.  And so, as I began to consider how to use my brief Thanksgiving break, I relished the opportunity to think about spending some time staring peacefully through the lens of a camera; pondering the words I might pull together from the entire universe of my vocabulary to form coherent thought or prose; or the chance to simply attack a project around the house that gave me a chance to use the mind’s eye as my guide.

And that’s when two things occurred to me.  First, there was no way any house project was going to merit my precious free time.  And second, the remaining two possible activities would force, or was it ALLOW, me to exercise patience as I set up shots, waited for the perfect moment to press the shutter button, and purchasing the mental real estate to think through shots or beat my pen against the flat universe of the tabula rasa.

Each different scenario brought me to a realization: creativity and patience are inextricably linked.  You can no more “whip out” masterful art or verse on demand than you can force newly planted flowers from the earth before time has had its way through germination, cultivation, and finally, that brilliant eruption from darkness.  Wow, i could be talking about writing or raising daisies, no?

So let me give thanks for finally having the time to think outside the box, and too, for having discovered a few ways to harness my creativity.  And most of all, for the personal revelation that patience and creativity cannot exist without one another as counterpart and foil.  This I know for sure: to maximize my creative process, I must be disciplined enough to let the vision come to me in its own due time.  And if I am to trouble myself to be patient, creative productivity is a worthwhile compensation.


2 responses to “Creativity begets patience; or patience begets creativity?

  1. Matt… you know what…i could draw the same parallell between always saying “I’m not a detail person” yet to think that i can achieve success w/out taking time out for “details” is not realistic…

    Great post..

    Can’t wait to see what you come up w/ for the next one over the holidays…

  2. Thanks Diana. I think I will be focused on giving thanks. . . Hmm, imagine that!

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