New year, old values

Tomorrow morning brings the official start to my new work year. 2009 will go down as either my greatest year professionally, or a pivotal turn downward for my ultimate dreams. Why? Because in many ways, I got what I asked for. But I got it before I expected it. I start the new year with a vastly different landscape ahead than I anticipated when 2008 opened. But those will be largely affected by more mundane choices.

All my opportunities to fly or fail are not work-related. I expect this to be a year of TRYING to focus exclusively on making better “point of sale” decisions in every aspect of my personal life, too. Whether choosing gustatory indulgence or nutritional sensibility; more laissez-faire relationship management or totally-engaged uber-friend; sleeping in or gym-ready at 5:30 a.m. More than any other time in life, I feel not just control, but the winds of consequence blowing hard at my back.

I must motivate myself, encourage myself . . . control myself. As a believer in self-determination, I must now walk the walk, not just talk the talk. I have to do very small things at very specific moments when laziness, tiredness, need-for-introversion need to be set aside in favor of the “righter” thing. At the point of action, I must make small changes. Whether ordering dinner or deciding how assertively to apply myself to menial tasks, I expect to do better.

Rather than trying to ensure all the “big-picture” issues orbit properly, I need to micro-manage myself; perhaps the greatest challenge ever, since I tend to like me to be highly-contented.

So, areas of control I would like assert over myself include those identified above, and several others. I have four major areas of responsibility, and each merits more attention going forward. So work, parenting, marriage, and my personal fitness are the priorities I want to improve upon. What shall I make of each? Others will have to judge: bosses, staff, spouse, kids . . . doctor.

I will try to share the trials, successes, and intellectual processing with you from time to time. For now, my newly-disciplined life approach requires me to change out the laundry, plan some tasks for tomorrow, and get to bed on time.

Tomorrow I hit the gym at 530 a.m. See you there?


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