How did this guy nail ALL of the things I try to be/do/rep?

READ THIS FIRST.  It is not about me, and yet it is me.  Perhaps if I continue to develop, those folks he cites will be peers, not aspirants.

I feel passionately about each of these issues, and really do work hard to practice each.  As I grade myself objectively, I think I bat a solid 90 percent.  I don’t do each one perfectly, of course, but with partial credit, I definitely at least THINK I am coming close to full effort on each, and have mastered several.

Its almost bizarre to see them captured so neatly here.  My favorite of all is number 4: They work on themselves.  I often fear failure after working hard to get where I am.  My lingering fear is that it will somehow come crashing down around me.  But because I adhere to quality four, I am encouraged by Dr. Humbert’s citation.

Now if only he would let me do some editing for him!


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