Trying out SocialVibe’s approach

How easy is it to support an important cause?  I spend my life creating relationships and nurturing those who will ultimately support an important cause: Lynchburg College and the students being educated there.

Personally I tend to support organizations that benefit either education or children.  And now WordPress is offering the ability for bloggers to use their sites to generate support for a cause.  There are only a handful available right now, and the one I chose is Children’s Miracle Network.  You can find out more about the organization and support an important cause.

Part of my reason for choosing this charity also relates to the fact that I have a friend whose children are beneficiaries of CMN’s fundraising work.  In other words, its personal.  It’s local, if you will.

So please take a moment to click the link on the right column of my blog.  And let me know what you think of what CMN does and how they build support and engage you.  You will NOT be asked to buy or donate anything.  Just click and read.

Thanks.  I am hopeful that I will have lots of “balloons” when I check back in.  That will mean that I have influence with you, that I have created interest in CMN, and that Upper Deck, the sponsor, will be making meaningful contributions to CMN because of your and my actions.


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