What’s in this for you?

It is one of my favorite questions when evaluating concepts and business opportunities.  What does your idea, concept, business plan, or product offer the user?  And does its value rise to the level of compelling them to act on your request?

In beginning to brainstorm new ventures on several fronts, I asked this favorite riddle, and then remembered, its not even about what I think you want.  That falls short on several points when, in fact, it would be more appropriate for me to simply ask you!

So, reader, what is weighing heavily on your mind that no other business blogger, Tweeter, or LinkedIn master networker is talking about?  I am not promising you I have answers, but someone else reading may have a creative solution.

So I hope you will consider this my gift to you.  I just want you to tell me what you want!  And we will see where we end up.  Have fun.


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