In Memory

On January 30, 1983, Geraldine Barnes Brandon departed this life, leaving a legacy that out-shined her mortal light, which was extinguished at the age of 49.  Her four children, Kathy Archer, of Midlothian; Alvin Brandon, Jr., of Chesterfield; Kevin Brandon, of Ballwin, MO; and Matthew Brandon, of Lynchburg; son-in-law, daughters-in-law; four siblings; and a host of grandchildren honor her life and love as we strive to give more to this world than we take from it.  And thus she lives on in each of us: a light unto our path in our journey with our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Rest in peace, Nana.

This tribute will appear in the Sunday, January 31 Richmond Times-Dispatch.


2 responses to “In Memory

  1. Thanks Uncle Matt, we truly do miss her…

  2. Cynthia Brandon

    This is beautiful. If only I had met her.

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