Creating myself

Today’s lesson is courtesy of Facebook. The lesson is that “life isn’t about finding yourself. It is about creating yourself.”

I love it, and I am all in.

As I look at my life, it is not even about creating myself, as much as it is about re-creating myself. And right now, even I need a reminder that all my success and failure is the result of my actions. You can lose every ounce of advantage you gain, no matter how hard you worked to accomplish it.  Complete accountability can be daunting. Or it can be motivational, which is how I choose to employ it.

From the relative high point of surviving a stroke (yep, that was a high point), losing a ton of weight . . . looking gooooood and feeling good, I used the last year to sit back and just enjoy life a little more. Unfortunately, that led to significant weight gain (can you say, “whoa Nelly. Too much of a good thing”), a need to pay more attention to my vitals (blood pressure, sugar levels, cholesterol,etc.), and a general plateau of my cardiovascular fitness . . .  and that’s putting it nicely.

As I have been reminded, it my job, and my job alone, to create the self I want to peer back in the mirror. Today, I am re-committing myself to paying attention to my own well-being, and not leaving it to chance.

I am also going to re-prioritize my life so exercise is more important, and regular monitoring continues. From tracking my diet by computer, to simply pushing away from larger helpings, and asking my wife to keep me accountable, it is time for me to work on creating the me I want to see. Off I go.

If you need motivation, or a push to re-focus on yourself, take this as your accountability checkpoint. I am all in, because no one should care more about me than me. And no one should (or will) care more about you, than you.


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