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Fall: A season of renewal for educators

Spring is the so-called season of renewal and rebirth.  But for those of us in the education profession, Fall is when the crisp air carries the scent of freshness and possibility.  A new crop of students brings a clean slate, and all their dreams are possible.

Freshly-purchased clothes, new school supplies unblemished by the battles they are about to endure: stoic binders serving as impromptu canopies on rainy mornings at the bus stop, frustrated notebooks tossed into lockers after exams, tattered bookbags straining at the seams with too much homework, and nubs of pencils sharpened to painful points then rubbed across pages until they erode to silver bumps raced too quickly through yellow painted tubes of wood.

These scars and wounds await inevitably, but on this, the first day of school, students and teachers alike think only of the greatness they can achieve.  Here’s to, for once, accomplishing all your goals, enjoying success, and creating opportunities for yourself.  Here’s to rebirth of intellectual pursuits.

Wipe the sand from your toes, smooth the sun-raisined skin with lotion, and assemble the tools of your trade.  And do great things.  Attitude is everything.

Whether you think you can succeed or not, you are right.