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Another comedic interlude

My nine-year-old daughter, who is a wiry, tall vine of a girl, notified me last night that she has named her two arms because they are so muscular.

Mind you, her conviction that they are, in fact, far stronger and better defined than they were a week ago, comes strictly from a few days of running/walking/scootering on a local paved trail here.  We have made it a family outing to exercise together as often as possible.

Though I am not sure whether the sun, higher level of activity or simply my more-frequent presence enabled me to witness her gift of humor, I have to love her confidence and sense of accomplishment.  And at the end of the day, I guess I should feel much safer with my whippet of a young lady protecting us all with her over-hyped arm muscles.  You know, if that’s how she feels, then the exercise is working, whether in reality or only in her own mind.

The left arm is Bam-Bam.  The right arm is Pow-Wow.  Need I say more.  I stand protected!